Autumn’s Gorgeous Coat of Color

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Autumn is my favorite season. Not only because of the lovely bright blue skies on a sunny day, but also the gray, purple and pinks of the evening sunsets. Add in the gorgeous shades of color spilling over the trees, shrubs and grasses in every direction for an incredible show. So many different shades contained within a single leaf or a single branch of a tree. I have spent my life as an adult in the mid-atlantic area of northern Virginia, close to the Potomac River. Crisp air and cool breezes signal another change in our seasons. Broader vistas appear as the leaves begin to drift and fall. No matter whether you walk a little faster to stay warm or continue to stroll slowly enough to enjoy the scenery, time spent outdoors is a gift to enjoy.  Red, gold, green, yellow, blue, orange, and the list goes on as [...]

So Many Colors of Inspiration

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Inspiration comes in many forms, shapes, colors and textures. The recent International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas was an incredible exhibit of inspiration, new experiences and opportunities to feel the artistic synergy of so many artists gathered in one place. One of the most compelling experiences in viewing so many different pieces of art together at once, is the realization that each artist creates such divergent images in their minds. These two photographs of some of my favorite pieces at the Festival, is a perfect example of that divergence while traveling the road of inspiration. Cheryl See is a very talented traditional hand quilter who sees color as a vehicle for expression in each very small piece of fabric used in her work. Ferret is a wonderful quilt artist who sees thread as her vehicle for expression in each of her works of art. Different approaches to creation, [...]

Streams of Thought by Sarah Entsminger

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We are all a product of our experiences and the memories that give us a sense of place and belonging. Rippling Waters was my favorite campsite at Camp Golden Valley in Sunshine, North Carolina. My friends and I spent a great deal of our time at Golden Valley, not just summers, but beautiful crisp fall weekends, cold winter nights and the warming days of spring. Golden Valley was a place to learn who we were, what we were capable of achieving and to dream of adventures yet to come. Golden Valley is part of the fabric of who I am today and remains in my memory as a beautiful landscape that colors each piece of my work. That bone deep appreciation for the natural world, learned as a child, continues to influence my choice of subjects for my artwork today. A shady path through the woods, newly opening spring flowers, [...]