About the Artist:

I am an artist. I come from a long line of makers and artists, generations of women caring for their families and communities. We have created for practical use as well as for the sheer enjoyment of bringing images from our minds and hearts to life in various mediums. The reflected soft light and muted landscapes of the south set the groundwork for my art, which I now continue in my studio in northern Virginia.

Art has always been the constant in my life, and solace when needed. It grounds and centers me in an ever-changing world. Through the years I have taken many fine art courses including drawing, pastel painting, color pencil, printmaking and any other medium that captured my interest. Using traditional textile techniques mixed with a variety of fine art mediums allows me to combine all of these experiences, in my current work, to create images reflective of the natural world.

My primary subject matter is landscapes, both those I pass through on a daily basis as well as memories of places I have experienced in the past. Creating images of these places allows me to try to make sense of the world around me. The most critical element in bringing these images to life is color. Color not only sets line, shape and form into play, but also evokes memories, emotion, and a sense of place. Whether found in fabric or fiber, or added with paint, ink, dye or color pencil, the use of color is the defining voice of my work.

Lecturing, writing and encouraging others connects me to the powerful legacy of art, handwork and making that is my heritage. Organizing and curating exhibits of fiber art allows me to draw others into an appreciation of the work, and a critical understanding of the diversity of artistic expression.